Sprinkles for Breakfast

Phone Presets

Phone presets to make editing your food photos

easy as pie! 

Download Snapseed (it's free!) and you are ready do go!

Edited using the "Sparks Fly" Preset

Presets in this bundle:

    • This is your go to preset for that super light and bright look. This preset will pump up the volume on the highlights making everything super bright. But it will also make sure you don't lose the contrast that makes your subject pop. 
    • This preset is a less intense version of the light and bright look. It still brightens the overall photo, but also softens the highlights. But don't worry, it still keeps the texture in your shadows so you don't lose details!  
    • The perfect preset to get that light and neutral look. Colors are less saturated and both highlights and shadows are softened. 
    • The perfect preset for anything with chocolate. This preset brings out the details in your chocolatey subject without making your whole photo dark.
    •  This is the darkest and moodiest of the presets. It depends shadows and overall brightness of the photo. But it also gives you the contrast you need to make sure you don't lose any detail in your subject. 

*Presets are for the free Snapseed app on your iphone/android.

"Delicate" Preset


"Gorgeous" Preset